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Going to university is a challenging and exciting time, with many new changes. Here at Ebenezer Baptist Church we really want to support you through your journey at Birmingham. We see that our world has been turned upside down by covid-19 and we realise that your university experience will be completely different to what you were expecting. However, we want you to know we are praying for you, and that we really care for you coming or returning to Birmingham in 2020. We know many of you will have questions at university - about your future, about your happiness, and about the world. Perhaps you are leaving home for the first time and starting to think more independently about spiritual matters or maybe you are a PhD student grasping with the complexities of life in fine detail.  Whether you are a committed Christian or whether you struggle to understand why people would ever want to believe the Bible, or whether you sit somewhere in between, we invite you to try Ebenezer even just for one Sunday service. Whatever your situation, you will find clear answers from the Bible about the crucial matters of life at Ebenezer. Being a traditional Baptist church, our services are straight forward, even if you haven't been to church before.

We are a diverse church of all ages and many backgrounds and we look forward to welcoming you. Our students come from not just the University of Birmingham but also from universities across the city and the West Midlands. Our services are at 10.30 am and 6 pm on Sundays and we are currently meeting in a covid-19 secure way. We would encourage you if you are able to come and join us in person. We are only a 15 min drive from campus and we are able to offer students lifts (obviously following covid-19 precautions). You can also livestream our services and catch-up/watch on demand on Youtube - www.youtube.com/ebenezeroldhill.  We also hold a variety of events through the midweek, including online prayer meetings, Bible studies, and an active programme of letting the West Midlands know the Bible's wonderful news. If you have any questions please contact David (dls614@student.bham.ac.uk - 07500 239715) or Grace (07975 824855) or please get in touch via our website: www.ebenezeroldhill.org.uk. You will find us a home from home: you will definitely receive a warm welcome and be well looked after – once the restrictions are eased, you may even be invited for Sunday lunch in a Christian home with a family from the church. Our students have really enjoyed and benefited from being at Ebenezer and we look forward to being a blessing to you.

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Or email us directly at ubcu@guild.bham.ac.uk

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