Monyhull Church

Venue: St. Frances Drive, Kings Norton, B30 3PS

Meeting times: Sunday 11:00am & 6:00pm

Pastor: Andy Cole and Phil Sweeting


T: 0780 607 9057 E:

Monyhull is a lively and growing independent evangelical church in the south of Birmingham. We have a conservative but contemporary approach and place a strong emphasis on systematic Bible teaching.


Our aim is to provide a warm and welcoming spiritual home to those who would like to share their university years with us.


We offer all students weekly hospitality: We are keen that students feel part of the fellowship at Monyhull, and sharing lunch together is a great way to get to know some of the different members of the church.


We are committed to the spiritual care of our students: There are members particularly set aside to take a special interest in the practical and spiritual welfare of students, and we can also link students up with an older Christian in the church to meet and pray together if desired.


We are keen for students to get stuck in to the regular life of the church: We encourage students to get actively involved in CU, but we also want them to feel involved in wider church life, through being linked to a fellowship group, and involved in church ministries they feel gifted to help with (e.g. music, youth, welcome team). We have an ‘Associate Membership’ scheme, which is ideal for students who wish to be more formally committed to the church, whilst recognising they may only be in Birmingham for the time of their studies. While Monyhull isn't the easiest church to get to from student accommodation, we are happy to try and help with lifts when we can and have a number of students and members who travel from that part of the world!

Church Rep(s):

Rebekah Jones



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