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BCEC - Chinese Evangelical Church

BCEC - Chinese Evangelical Church

The BCEC is a Chinese-heritage church that has been in Birmingham for over 25 years. Our church, has three language congregations, with a great mixture of families, undergraduate and post-graduate students, and young working adults. It’s a place where many students have been able to make deeper connections, grow in their personal relationship with God, and be challenged to see the world with fresh perspective. Our church is welcoming to all people, and has British Born Chinese, people from Malaysia, Singapore, HK, China, Taiwan, and other parts of the world. 

Every Sunday we have 5 services, covering English, Cantonese and Mandarin. We also have different University focused ministries throughout the week. 

English Service — 09:30 and 18:30 

The English Speaking Ministry at the BCEC has a range of families, young working adults, university students, and youth. Our 9:30 service has our children’s ministry, and our evening service has a more relaxed vibe to it. Our University ministry, CORE, meets on Wednesday evenings. 

Cantonese Service — 11:30 & 13:30 

Our 11:30 Cantonese language service has a children’s ministry, and there’s a second service at 13:30. There has been real growth with many new HK immigrants joining our services. It is a welcome place, especially for those from HK who are adjusting to life in the UK. 

Mandarin Service — 15:30 

Our Mandarin language service starts at 3:30 and is a combination of families and students from China. It’s a great place to find community for those who have come over from China or Taiwan, and prefer worshipping in Mandarin. 

BCEC Central 

14 Upper Gough Street 

Birmingham, B1 1JG 

For more information visit our website:

You can check our University Ministry CORE on Instagram @core_thebcec

Church Rep(s):

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