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Selly Park Baptist Church

Selly Park Baptist Church

Venue: 1041 Pershore Road, Selly Park, B29 7PS
Meeting times: Sunday 10:30am (1041 Pershore)
Congregation Size: 55-65
Contact: Senior Minister –Mark Simmons
Contact: Assistant Minister –James Thomas W:  T: 0121 472 2513

Selly Park Baptist Church is a vibrant, authentic, community of Christians in South Birmingham, committed to living out our faith in today’s society. The church has a rich ethnic mix and a good cross section of ages, which creates a depth of experience, wisdom and understanding that enriches our walk together. We have a deep conviction to share the good news of Jesus with everyone in the Selly Park area.

We place a strong emphasis in sound and relevant biblical teaching and our Sunday service reflects this, aimed at helping everyone at SPBC explore and strengthen their relationship with Jesus. Our worship is completely focused on creating a real place of meeting with God. It is lively, modern and full of passion. We have a regular prayer meeting once a month and we also meet before each church service; here we seek God’s direction for SPBC. One of the most important things we can do is support you in your context, helping equip you to share the gospel with those around you. We love to see people growing in confidence and maturity and for them to help us grow closer to god too.

There are house groups to join which we always see as very important for the life of the church. These are places where friendships are developed at a deeper level and further fellowship, teaching and socialising take place. It would be great to see you at one of these. Our youth work consists of regular Sunday School for our younger members; we also have youth group called Spark which meets on a Friday night. There are always opportunities to be involved in any of the youth work!

We do not offer separate student activities at SPBC because we see anyone who worships here as part of the fellowship. Whilst we do recognise that as a student you may have commitments to the CU that take precedence over events we may run at SPBC, we do encourage you to become a fully participating part of the church family. Throughout the year at SPBC we hold various events including fellowship lunches, coffee mornings, a weekend away, talent shows for the youth group and much more.

We are a very friendly and welcoming church and are always very pleased to see new people worship with us. The church is not the building, the meetings or the activities, it’s the people God has drawn together. So come along and be a part of God’s mission in Selly Park!

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