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The Gate Church

The Gate Church

Welcome to our first class second city!

Whatever has led you to arriving in Birmingham, we hope and pray it is a season of great blessing and growth in your life and faith – to this end, please make it a priority to connect with a local church.

About us…

We're a church family right at the heart of inner city Birmingham (near Five Ways), just 1.5 miles from the Vale. We first gathered as a church in 2014 to drill deep into our local communities and help people in inner city Birmingham love Jesus more and more.

We worship Jesus, love each other and serve our local community. We are committed to working out what living as followers of Jesus looks like in 21st century UK.

What you can expect…

As well as gathering every Sunday to do all the usual’s you would expect from church, we spend lots of time with our Community Groups throughout the week meeting to encourage and support one another, read the Bible, teach one another, pray, reach out to others, and have lots of food and fun!

We don’t have focused student groups, but our students have always loved being treated like a ‘normal church member’ and escaping the student bubble and building genuine, deep friendships with non-students.

We are a relatively small, community minded family church – so if you are looking for somewhere to really belong, get stuck in, be served as well as serve, and want join us in our mission we would love you to come visit us some time! You will be warmly welcomed.

To connect with us…

To find out more about who we are, what we believe, and what life at The Gate Church looks like:

Contact: Jonny Richards, Pastor –



Sunday Gatherings: 10:30 at E.R Mason Youth Centre, Irving Street, B1 1DH

Church Rep(s):

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