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2023 Fundraising Appeal

We aren't currently fundraising for anything specific, but if you're looking to donate, we will always appreciate it! You can contact our treasurer Emily Bleakley by emailing to find out how you can help!


CU Member?

If you're a student here at Birmingham, the best ways to give to the CU are through giving up some of your time to join us in outreach and fellowship, and praying for our activities.

But if you'd like to give financially, feel free to email or talk to our current treasurer, Emily Bleakley, for more info.

Friend of the CU?

Whether you're a former member of the CU, local church member, or just someone who wants to support us, we'd love to stay in touch with you and let you know what we're up to, and how you might be able to help. We have a Friends of the CU Facebook group for you!

If you'd like to give to the CU, please email for more info.

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