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Hope City Birmingham

Hope City Birmingham



10:30AM | The Midlands Arts Centre, Edgbaston. 

6PM | E R Mason Youth Centre, City 




Contact: Tebo Mpanza




Everyone at Hope City is passionate about people knowing Jesus and living our their purpose in all that He has for us. Our heart is to serve the city, to create spaces and environments where people can belong, grow in their faith & maturity in Jesus, where real, authentic relationships are built, and where we can all be empowered to go into our worlds and be a light. 


Our church is really passionate about engaging with young adults and students. We believe that as a student you haven’t just come to university to get a degree, but also that you have been sent here by God for something significance and we endeavour to come along side you and to help you discover God’s good, pleasing and perfect plan. Our services are contemporary, full of life and soul. 


We hope you can pop in sometime to either of our locations, we’ve love to see you! 

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