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We're so excited that you're coming to Birmingham and are interested in the Christian Union! Here are three things you should definitely do amongst all the busyness of freshers week to make sure you get the best start to Uni life:

Find a church

The only thing better than being part of CU is finding a church to call home for your time in Birmingham. You can find a list of all churches local to the University right here!

UBCU members Facebook group

Over on Facebook, we'll be posting regular updates on what we are doing for our members this year, both in Welcome Week and throughout the year. Whether or not you're a fresher, make sure you join the group to stay up to date on everything that's going on! 

Impact Groups

CU Impact Groups are at the heart of CU life, helping and equipping students to live and speak for Jesus whilst at uni. Impact Groups are all about being impacted by God’s word, then seeking to impact the university for good in Jesus’ name. They’re a wonderful place to make friends, get connected into CU life and receive help in finding a local church.

Get Involved!

Once you've found your feet, there's a whole range of activities to get involved in with the Christian Union. From our weekly meetings to one-off events, you can find them all here.

If you need some more specific advice or would like to meet up with a member of the CU in person, don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact form below, or send us an email at

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