University of Birmingham
Christian Union

Welcome to UBCU

Welcome to the new website of the University of Birmingham Christian Union. Here you can find out all about us as a society and how you can get involved!

What is UBCU?

The University of Birmingham Christian Union (UBCU) is a group of Christian students at the University of Birmingham, united around the the good news of Jesus to make disciples of Jesus Christ at the university.

We are confident in the gospel, that it is rational and defensible, and that it applies to every area of life. We are passionate about the Cross and the urgency of evangelism, and strive to speak for Jesus, communicating the gospel to students in a way that is relevant, clear and persuasive.

We strive to live for Jesus, to submit our lives and our thinking to God's Word, and live in dependence on His Holy Spirit.

We give opportunities for students to learn to live and speak for Jesus in their 'workplace'. We have the most access to students, integrity with university/college authorities and creativity.

We are affiliated with UCCF and support the work of CIS, CMF, Friends International, The Navigators and our local churches to see students come to faith, grow and go on to become disciple-makers in the world.

Our Team

UBCU is run by a committee of 11 people who each oversee a different area of the CU. In addition to the committee there are a number of officer roles and we are supported by UCCF staff and relay workers. Please do get in contact with any of us to find out more about how you can get involved.

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